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CCS Executive Suites

Golf Lessons

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Adult Individual Lessons

CCS Executive Suites has partnered with a local talented and experienced golf instructor to offer our members individual private lessons. Whether you are a rank beginner or seasoned veteran, He can help every aspect of your golf game. Cost of lessons will vary depending on need.

His name is Charles Harder, and he teaches private golf lessons at Murrieta Golf Range. This local golf range is where the infamous local golf pro Ricky Fowler learned his golf swing from a great teacher named Barry Mc Donald.

He has been teaching at Murrieta Golf Range for the last 20 years, and in total for over 40 years in the Arcadia and Orange County area.

He has also played many tournaments including Senior Opens in 1994 at Pinehurst, NC, as well as in 1997 at Olympia Fields outside of Chicago. He qualified for two Senior Final qualifying tour schools. He also shot the low score or 62 four times.

With all his past experience personally golfing as well as teaching hundreds to golf, he strives to teach his students what they need to give them confidence on the course.  Confidence comes from a great and consistent golf swing. He breaks down the fundamentals to ensure that his students understand what it takes to consistently perform. That kind of swing comes from one's alignment, balance, and force which brings great results. A great repetitive swing with great balance and great results, brings great success on many different levels.

If you want to learn how to golf or improve your golf game and get a more confident swing, purchase your first hour lesson and get started on some private lessons. We will contact you to schedule your first lesson after you pay.