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The locating is located in downtown Murrieta with The Public House, Anthony's Italian, and The Mill located within walking distance, you're sure to find something to satisfy that midday craving. 

 Each space comes with:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Mailing Address
  • Fully Furnished Office
  • Access to the Conference Room
  • Free drink like Coffee, Water, Cold Brew, Kombucha, Iced Tea, Beer, Wine and More
  • Free Golf
  • 27/7 Access
  • Free Business Coaching 
  • & More!!!

    Washington Office Central
    24630 Washington Ave. Suite 202
    Murrieta, CA 92562 


    Rental Office Space in Murrieta, CA

    Face it, Zoom fatigue is real and many workers want their work environment to return to normal. While working from home can bring many advantages, a lot of workers look forward to a return to the office work environment.

    But even with the ‘new normal’, many companies and organizations have continued working remotely. They may find this work arrangement saves money on overhead costs, lessens employee sick days, and provides a competitive edge. No matter the reason, remote work is here to stay. 

    Remote work can get lonely and add on household distractions, it can make a frustrating workday. And in the long term, daily stress and frustration from work can lead to burnout. Fortunately, remote workers have options for creating their ideal work environment. One option that can help increase daily motivation and productivity is a rental office space in Murrieta.

    If this concept is new or you’ve been considering this popular working option, the following provides information that can help you decide if an office rental is right for you.  



    Office Space for Rent

    Many remote workers and freelancers enjoy renting an office space for their day-to-day work-related activities. Typically, these locations provide all you find in a traditional office, including all the furnishings, printing supplies, lounge, and conference room. While workers can still work from home, they can access a professional space as needed and for less cost than renting a traditional office space.

    Rather than a traditional long-term lease where tenants may pay more out of pocket for things like utilities and other fees on top of the monthly rent, workers can save money with flexible membership plans. For a flat monthly fee, workers can access an optimum workspace environment. Membership includes utilities, cleaning, and amenities.


    Shared Workspace Environments

    Although around for some time, shared workspace environments have become popular spaces for freelance and remote workers. They provide the same amenities as a traditional office and can be an affordable option for the lone worker.

    With a shared workspace environment, people can meet others, build their network, and draw a line between their home and workplace. This can give the social interaction we all need and help create a better work life balance. Many offices and shared workspaces also provide added perks, such as networking events that can help build your professional relationships.


    Benefits of an Office Membership Plan

    A workspace membership can make working remotely easier. Workers can still get the flexibility and freedom of working from home, but without all the distractions and isolation.

    On top of the long list of amenities, an office space rental can bring some unexpected benefits. From improved creative thinking and brainstorming to meeting new people and bouncing ideas, a workspace can improve drive, self-discipline, and passion.

    Other benefits remote and freelance workers find with working in a shared office environment include improved mental and physical health, less loneliness, enhanced relationships, and greater opportunity for growth.


    CCS Executive Suites

    CCS Executive Suites caters to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and people on the go. We help local small businesses thrive with fewer costs in a coworking environment. With rental office spaces in Murrieta and shared workspace in Canyon Lake, CA, people can choose the right environment for their needs.

    The Canyon Lake shared workspace location is just above the Canyon Cowboy Saloon, with Pepe’s Mexican Food and Cantina in short walking distance. Members can enjoy free golf, 24/7 access, free drinks, and much more.

    Rental office space in downtown Murrieta features several dining favorites, such as The Public House, Anthony’s Italian, and The Mill, so you’ll never go hungry. The office space includes the same workspace member benefits. No matter which you choose, each space comes with:

    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Mailing address
    • Fully furnished office
    • Conference room
    • Free business coaching
    • And more!


    Golf Anyone?

    Take some time and wind down or entertain your clients with a round of golf. CCS Executive Suites members can golf for free. And, if looking to improve game skills, schedule some lesson time with private golf instructor, Charles Harder. A longtime instructor, Charles can help beginners and seasoned pro’s improve their swing and game.


    Ready to Improve Your Workday Game?

    A change in your everyday scenery can bring measurable gains for your career or business. With your own office space, you can work alongside other professionals from a variety of industries, make new contacts, enjoy a distraction free space, and enjoy all the amenities an office work environment brings.

    Get in touch with CCS Executive Suites and learn more about rental office space in Murrieta CA. You can schedule a tour and meet others who already enjoy the community and amenities.

    Get started on a better working environment today. Membership plans start at only $49.99 per month and include all the above benefits.




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